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  • 1. How do I turn the RetroN 5 on?

    Connect the power supply. Hold down the POWER button, located on the front of the console, for 5-10 seconds until the top blue LED panel lights up.


  • 2. Playing games with RetroN 5 does not feel as responsive as with the original consoles. Does RetroN 5 suffer from input lag?

    Modern displays usually perform a lot of processing on the image, which will add a delay between when the image is received and the image being displayed on the screen. This can sometimes result in significant amounts of input lag being added by the display itself. Fortunately, televisions will generally include a Game Mode which, when activated, will disable most of the extra processing, resulting in dramatically reduced input lag. If you are experiencing input lag while using RetroN 5, make sure that you have the Game Mode option enabled on your television.


  • 3. How do I access the in-game menu using classic wired controllers?

    The default button combination for opening the in-game menu using you original wired controllers is DOWN + START. This may be customized in Settings > Hotkey Configuration > In-game menu.


  • 4. Why does RetroN 5 show -Unknown Cart- when I insert my game? Will this have any negative impact on game play?

    No, this game is simply not yet in our game database. Chances are the game will work. If it doesn’t, then we will try to support the game as soon as possible. Please contact support (626) 571-5100) with details of the game and we will try to put this game in our next update.


  • 5. Do I need an SD card? How large should it be?

    An SD card is required in order to update the software running on your RetroN 5. In addition, if you have an SD card then you can choose to store your game saves on the SD card, rather than the RetroN 5′s internal memory. Any SD card 256MB or larger is OK. We have tested up to 32GB. The SD card should be formatted to FAT32. An SD Micro in an adapter is also OK.


  • 6. Why does my RetroN 5 wireless controller keep turning off?

    The wireless controller will automatically turn off if it has not been used for a certain period of time. The amount of idle time before it automatically turns off can be customized via Settings > Manage RetroN 5 Controller > Controller > auto-off


  • 7. Can the RetroN 5 be used to play ROM images?

    No, the RetroN 5 does not support ROM images.


  • 8. I read that RetroN 5 does not support game X. Will it ever support this game?

    We are constantly working on improving game compatibility. Our goal is to support every game.


  • 9. What is the MSRP of RetroN 5?



  • 10. I have Firmware version X.XX, how can I check if there is a newer version?

    Settings > System Information


  • 11. How do I upgrade my Firmware?

    Read this how to here retron5.in


  • 12. What is the small hole in the back of the console for, it's marked as Reset in the manual. If I press it will it do a Factory Reset?

    No! Please do not press it! This is a recovery button that is used only in conjunction with a special SD card image. You should not press this button under normal circumstances. You will need to contact tech support for the recovery image and further instructions.


  • 13. Is the RetroN 5 compatible with my country which uses XX Voltage and YY TV System?

    The Power Supply included with RetroN 5 is dual 110V/220V and has a changeable plug. The video output is HDMI which is a global standard. Notice your TV must be capable of displaying 720p.


  • 14. What Consoles games can I play on RetroN 5?

    The RetroN 5 is currently able to play

    • NES
    • Famicom
    • SNES
    • Super Famicom
    • Mega Drive
    • Genesis
    • Super Famicom
    • Mega Drive
    • Genesis
    • Game Boy
    • Game Boy Color
    • Game Boy Advance
    • Master System (via Power Base Converter)


  • 15. What peripherals can I use with RetroN 5?

    The following peripherals have been tested and working on RetroN 5

    • • SNES Nintendo first party controller
    • • SNES first party mouse
    • • Some third party SNES controllers
    • • NES First party Controllers
    • • Some NES third party controllers
    • • First Party Mega Drive Controllers