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Changes in application update v2.42 include:
  • Fixed NES/Genesis player 2 controllers 

NOTE: Unlike previous application updates, v2.42 comes in the form of a complete system software update. The installation procedure is different so please be sure to carefully read through the following instructions.

IMPORTANT: If your RetroN 5 is already running system software v0.3.2 then you have the latest updates pre-installed from the factory.
Do not install any of the updates below.



Step 1

You only need to follow this step if your RetroN 5 system software version is lower than v0.3.0.
You may check your system software version by navigating  Settings - System Information, where you will see something like this.

v 3.0

If your system software version is equal to or higher than v0.3.0 -

  • Download the system software update from HERE
  • Connect an SD card to your PC
  • Open the downloaded  retron-system-update.img file.
  • Copy this file to the SD card.
  • Switch on the Retron 5 if you have not already done so
  • Safely remove the SD card from your PC
  • Insert the SD card into your RetroN 5
  • Follow the on-screen instructions as indicated below to update the system software.
  • Once you start seeing the loading screen, (see image below)

  • Go ahead and remove the SD card.
  • After the installation has completed, the system will restart and you will be running the system software v0.3.0.