PS3 PlayStation Move AK Striker - Hyperkin


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Quick Overview:

The AK Striker is a PS Move attachment designed for PS Move compatible shooter games.

PS3 PlayStation Move AK Striker - Hyperkin


The AK Striker is a true replica to the world’s most popular weapon, the AK-47. Specifically designed for Move compatible shooter games, the AK Striker is the ultimate controller attachment for the PS Move. With a unique ability to transform from a rifle to a submachine gun, it allows the player to adjust to various types of gameplay with ease. Whether you are left or right handed, a rookie or a veteran, the AK Striker brings any game one step closer to reality.

Additional Information

  • Retractable and removable shoulder stock
  • Fully functionally housing for both the PS Move Motion and Navigation controllers
  • 3 firing modes (Single shot, burst, and automatic fire)
  • Face buttons conveniently on the gun handle
  • Attachable shoulder strap